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CirrusPrint can be installed on systems operated by the user.  This enables it to run completely under the control of the user, for security and operational control.  When first installed, CirrusPrint operates as a free 2-device version.  For additional devices, or for cpu-based licensing, a license must be purchased.


A license file and license information is generated and sent to you by the publisher, Synergetic Data Systems Inc.  The file is named cp30s.lic, and may be placed in a single storage location worldwide, with the sole exception of a license transfer described below.  That location is the data directory of the CirrusPrint installation (see the data=path in config.ini).  The data directory can reside on a shared file system, and used by any number of systems, so the license file is shared by all systems configured to use that shared data directory.  The license is specific to a named licensee and data location, and is assigned a serial number, license limit, expiration date, and key.  The license limit is one of these:


Maximum output devices

oActive output devices are counted each time CirrusPrint is started or an output device is saved.  If the number of active devices exceeds the license limit, devices are automatically disabled until the active count matches the licensed count.  The devices that are disabled are logged.

oFor this type of license, any number of CPUs can be used.

Maximum CPUs

oAt startup time, if the number of CPUs in use exceeds the license, the event is logged and the CirrusPrint server is stopped.  The number of CPUs is calculated based on all systems sharing the data directory where the license file is located.  For example, if there are two 4-CPU systems sharing the data directory, an 8 CPU license is required to start them both.

oFor this type of license, any number of output devices can be configured.

oBe sure you do not increase CPU resources so that no server would be able to start.  If you need to increase CPU resources, update your license to enable operation with the additional CPUs.


If there is no license file (or the file is invalid), the installation is considered a free version that is not specific to a user, and supports 2 output devices.


Installing the License File

There are two options to install the license file:


Activate using the administration browser interface: Site Status, Activation tab.  Enter your serial number and PIN code and click Activate.  The CirrusPrint server will retrieve your license file and install it in the data directory.

Manually copy the license file to the data directory of the CirrusPrint installation, and restart CirrusPrint.



Updating the License File

If the license is changed, such as the number of devices or CPUs, you can perform the above steps again to get the updated information working right away.  You can also let the server obtain the new license file automatically within 12 hours.


Transferring the License

You may use the same license file in two data locations if the intent is to transfer the license from one data location to another.  You must complete this transfer within 30 days, and remove the cp30s.lic file from the original location.



Amazon Web Services Marketplace


If you are an AWS user, this offering may be of interest.



Hosted Service


The publisher plans to offer a hosted service for CirrusPrint.  As of this writing, this is not yet finalized.  When available, end users will only install and configure clients.