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Cloud ERP To Printers


When you decide to move your ERP application to the cloud, don’t forget your printers. Document and report printing is an important feature of every application, but it becomes a headache more than a feature when the application resides in a distant data center. Trying to emulate traditional print methods over the internet typically requires a VPN to enable applications to send their output to the printer securely, and large print jobs use up bandwidth and take much longer to print when compared with a fast local network.

CirrusPrint makes printing secure and fast, using compression and SSL to perform remote printing without a VPN and without the heavy network configuration requirements you may have run into already. It integrates easily with virtually any application, whether designed for the cloud or not, through traditional network printing methods, file drops, or email.


Key Features

  • Server supports Windows and Linux environments
  • Integrate applications and spoolers via ports, paths, or email
  • Email to printers, old and new, with your own email accounts
  • Supports one to many document distribution features
  • Secure document transmission using SSL
  • Stateless design, so document transmission can occur as remote sites are available
  • Exact replication retains features such as duplex and tray control
  • Server-centric configuration