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CirrusPrint®: Efficient Cloud Printing

Printing from your cloud accounting or ERP application doesn't have to be hard or slow. With CirrusPrint, you can:

Email your printers, any printer, using your own email server.

Bypass VPN and firewall complications, using the CirrusPrint client.

Print from your cloud or premise ERP to printers located anywhere.

Fast and secure printing, with compression, https-based communication, and encryption at rest.

To see it in action, request a demo or download a free trial copy.

Here is a one page overview about how CirrusPrint works.

More Information

CirrusPrint is designed to manage and streamline printing and document delivery across networks. It solves cloud migration problems related to printing, and provides the most direct and immediate method to deliver documents to your users. Traditional network printing works without changing operations, plus there are new capabilities: you can print to your users, or email your printers, or send a file from your phone to a printer across the country.

CirrusPrint runs on Windows and Linux, in the cloud or your own data center. It accepts print jobs and other documents, parses and compresses them, and delivers them to remote printers or users. Integration with applications is simple and flexible: print to it like any network printer, email files to it, drop files into it, or use the REST API.

Print jobs sent through CirrusPrint arrive quickly and securely at remote printers, as precise duplicates of the original print job. Documents can also be sent directly to users, bypassing the clutter and overhead of email. Files dropped on the server can land at remote locations automatically. You can email PDF files to your printers. Each of these delivery mechanisms takes advantage of CirrusPrint's high performance and easy configuration and management.

CirrrusPrint 1.0.07
2 Jan

CirrrusPrint 1.0.07

Version 1.0.07 was released in August 4, 2014. This is a feature enhancement release that adds the ...

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