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License an CirrusPrint Product

CirrusPrint is licensed per system, with licensees provided a serial number and PIN code. When installed on systems with Internet access, it is easiest to use the licensing tools on the installed system to automatically activate the product. If the system is not connected, you can use the links below to request a demo, emergency, or permanent license. Select the link for the version of CirrusPrint that is installed.

The CirrusPrint v2 manual contains detailed information about licensing. The CirrusPrint v1 manual contains detailed information about licensing.

Request a License Reset

Permanent activation keys are tied, via the system ID and machine class, to a given system where CirrusPrint has been installed. If CirrusPrint is moved to a new system, it will not operate until the license has been re-initialized and a new permanent activation key entered.

If a permanent key has already been generated for your serial number, then in order to obtain a new key, you must request a reset of your existing permanent key by contacting SDSI. In doing so, you must certify that CirrusPrint will no longer be operated on the original machine, or that it is being re-installed on the same machine where it was formerly operating.

Please note, resets for unsupported versions may incur a fee.

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