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About SDSI

About Us

Synergetic Data Systems Inc., commonly known as SDSI, was founded in 1988 with the mission of creating software that is both useful and powerful. Over the many years since then, we have published a number of tools that fulfill that mission. Most are still in use, including our very first product, the General Report Writer.

With well over 10,000 installations of SDSI software around the world, we are a highly respected software company in all the markets we service. Our products are known for offering more features, more power, more value and more reliability than competing products and may be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. We are also known for offering outstanding support to our customers.

Contacting Us

SDSI is located in Northern California, outside of the state capital of Sacramento.

Synergetic Data Systems Inc.
1040 Camerado Drive, Suite 100
Cameron Park, CA 95682 USA
TF: 800-446-7374
Tel: 530-672-9970
Fax: 530-672-9975

Addresses below are all @synergetic-data.com.

Sales Inquires:synergetic-data.com
Technical Support:synergetic-data.com (opens a ticket in our support system)
General Inquires:synergetic-data.com

Other Products
UnForm® is a platform-independent software product that creates, delivers, stores and retrieves graphically enhanced documents from ERP application printing. A complete, end-to-end solution, UnForm interfaces at the point of printing to produce documents in various formats for printing and electronic delivery.
GeneralTM 6.0 is the latest version of the most popular Business Basic report writer. Since 1987, when General was first released, thousands of BBx and ProvideX users have used General for report writing, data export, and analysis. No other report writing product combines the rich feature set with fast, native Business Basic file access. General is the most powerful and flexible report writer available for the Business Basic market.
MailCallTM is a Business Basic utility that can be CALLed by any BBx4, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, or ProvideX task to email text and attachments using the Internet MIME-encoding standards. While it has always been easy to send text email from Unix-based systems within Business Basic, it has never been possible to send binary mail with attachments without resorting to external programs or manual effort. In addition, sending email from a Windows system generally required using Windows email software, which does not lend itself to automated activities.