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CirrusPrint enables PrismHR to print high volume, secure and precise payroll check runs directly from the cloud

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Facts at a glance

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Product: CirrusPrint Cloud Printing
Host: Rackspace
Industry: Payroll Services

“Printing payroll check runs from the cloud required sending data to a third party and a loss of printing control CirrusPrint runs on our servers, allowing PrismHR clients to cloud print high volume, precise, secure payroll check runs.”
Adam Van Beek, CTO, PrismHR

About the Company

PrismHR provides the most comprehensive software for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs). Founded in 1985, PrismHR is the largest payroll, benefits, and HR software platform for PEOs and ASOs. Our HRO software now serves more than 64,000 clients and 1.8 million worksite employees, and processes more than $50 billion in payroll annually.

For more information about PrismHR and its products, please visit www.prismhr.com.

The only check is a perfect cheque

From a client perspective there are two rules; Never share information about a clients’ payroll and the software must print checks that are perfect or the bank will reject them and employees won’t get paid.

Traditional cloud printing is not secure or precise

Traditional cloud printing services break both rules; Print data must be sent in the form of a PDF to a third party who then streams it to a designated printer. And, the conversion from Postscript to PDF creates scaling issues and imperfect checks.

CirrusPrint changed all that. It runs on our Rackspace based servers, eliminating the use of a third party, retains features such as duplex and tray control, and passes to the printer exactly what it is sent. Security is further enhanced by the use of SSL between our clients’ printers and CirrusPrint. Best of all it is completely transparent to the customers, they simply print to their network printer as they always have.