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Cloud File Distribution


Those same improvements to document printing and delivery apply to document distribution across file systems.  You can drop PDF or office documents, in fact any type of file, into a folder on a cloud server, and have those files delivered automatically to any number of file systems, desktops, or even browser users.  The stateless design of CirrusPrint means those remote locations and devices don’t need to be online at the time the files are generated.  Instead, the files are spooled, then transferred as soon as that remote connection is available.

CirrusPrint uses standard and patented compression techniques to achieve impressive bandwidth reductions, as high as 90% or more.  With lower bandwidth usage, transfers are faster and save on data usage costs.

Key Features

  • Configure any number of input folders on the server
  • Forward to one or more remote folders with richly dynamic file names
  • Forward to remote devices with format conversions