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Email To Printers


With CirrusPrint, you can email your printers. Not just new printers with email built in, and not through third party services, but using nearly any printer, and your own email account. Send PDF files or images, or even raw print formats, and CirrusPrint will quickly deliver the print job to printers around your network. One address can serve any number of devices, using aliases, mail groups, or tags to send jobs to a device.

And like all else with CirrusPrint, output is flexible. The same methods used to email printers can also be used to email to folders distributed around your company, or email directly to a user’s browser application.


Key Features

  • Secure IMAP connections for optimum performance
  • Send PDF files, images, and more to nearly any printer, including legacy printers
  • Single or multi-address configuration
  • Specify the printer by To name or subject tags for easy address book or mail template integration
  • Spam protection via tags or allowed senders
  • Your own email addresses, avoiding third-party data center overhead and security concerns