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Print To Mobile and Desktop

cp2 browser

Sure, you can email documents to your users, but with CirrusPrint, you can do better: print to them.

A user running the CirrusPrint browser client can receive documents more quickly and without the extra noise of an email inbox. And sending those documents can be as easy as printing them, or dropping them into a folder anywhere in your enterprise.

The client application runs online or offline, and stores the documents in the browser for display when needed.Ā  Users often have multiple devices, like phones and desktop PC’s, and they all are synchronized, so their important documents are available no matter where they are.


Key Features

  • HTML5 application, runs offline or online, and stores documents locally
  • Responsive design adjusts to device capabilities and orientation
  • For a given user, multiple devices are synchronized
  • Embedded PDF viewer avoids downloads on browsers without a plugin