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CirrusPrint v1.0

Download Terms Notice

Downloading this software indicates acceptance of the following terms:

The author and publishers of this software make no warranty, express or implied, regarding this product. This product is provided "AS IS". In no event will the author or publishers be liable for any errors contained in the product, or for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use or performance of the product.

This product is proprietary to the author, who owns all copyright, trademark, and patent rights in the product. You agree to not copy, duplicate, or transfer this product to any other party. Some portions may be encrypted, and you agree not to decrypt those portions. You may use the 21-day trial version of this product for up to 21 days, after which time you must purchase a license to continue using it.

To purchase a license, contact synergetic-data.com.

Except for the 21-day trial version, you agree to operate this product on a single machine for each license purchased.

Operating SystemSize (bytes)
AIX 6.111346961
AIX 7.111384199
Linux x86 64bit12752819
Linux x86 32bit12244389
SCO 5.0.711515977
SCO 610965365
Windows (2003 and up recommended)8656704
Stand-alone clients and programs for use with above products
CirrusPrint Client for Unix/Linux49132
CirrusPrint Client for Windows4374392

Current Release Notes, included in the above product downloads, available here independently.

PDF Manual Download
Installation Notes
Update Notification

Significant changes were made at version 1.0.07 that affect installation procedures, particularly when updating an older release. Please review the "Updating to 1.0.07 or higher page" in the Introduction chapter in the manual before updating an older release.

Server Installation Instructions

As the root user:

  1. Choose/Create a directory to store the CirrusPrint server software. The last segment of this directory should represent the company you are installing for (i.e. /opt/cirrusprint/acme), which allows for multiple company installations on a single computer.
  2. Place the download file in the directory.
  3. Uncompress the file: uncompress filename (it must end in upper-case .Z - rename if necessary)
  4. Unextract the file: tar xvf filename
  5. Execute ./setup.sh.
  6. Execute ./license.sh. Select option 3 if you have Internet access from your machine. If not, visit the http://synergetic-data.com/cp1lic.cgi link to obtain a 30-day trial period activation key, and enter it using license.sh, option 7.
  7. Start the server by running cp10s_install start
    (where install is the base path where CirrusPrint is installed)
  8. Daily logs are found in the logs directory.
  9. To access the browser interface, open http://servername:8285. The default login is admin/admin. Note that different company installations should be configured to listen on different ports.

Windows 2003 and up:

  1. Execute the download file to install CirrusPrint while logged in as an administrator.When choosing an install folder, note the last segment of this folder should represent the company you are installing for (i.e. c:\sdsi\cp10\server\acme), which allows for multiple company installations on a single computer.
  2. The Start-Programs menu will have a new folder, CirrusPrint 1.0 Server
  3. Run the Server Manager for the chosen company (multiple Start menu options are created, one per company).
  4. Click the Licensing tab, then click the Automatic Demo Activation.
    If you do not have Internet access, visit the http:synergetic-data.com/cp1lic.cgi link to obtain a 30-day trial period activation key, and enter in the form.
  5. Click the Start button on the toolbar, and you should see status information and a change in the enabled buttons on the toolbar. You may see an antivirus warning asking if it is okay to allow the CirrusPrint runtime (may indicate ProvideX or PxPlus product names) to run and open network ports. You must allow this, or the software won't operate.
  6. Optionally, install it as a service once you've confirmed it starts up correctly.
  7. To access the browser interface, use the browser button on the toolbar, or open http://servername:8285. The default login is admin/admin. Multiple company installs on the same computer are configured to use different ports, so ports will vary depending on the configuration.

More information is in the cp10s.pdf file.